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Supreme Court Justices Are Not Health Experts

Everything that is wrong with our modern-day jurisprudence system was on display last week during the oral arguments before the Supreme Court over the big stakes legal challenge to the Biden vaccine mandates on businesses.

Instead of arguing the constitutionality of the policy, many of the Justices argued about whether these mandates SHOULD be imposed not whether they CAN be imposed.

But the justices are not health experts, even though they pretended to be.

The liberal justices particularly put on an impressive display of COVID ignorance with wild assertions about hospitals full to capacity (Breyer) and 100,000 critically ill children (Sotomayor). Sotomayor even asserted Omicron is more deadly than Delta.

Kudos to Justice Gorsuch who asked the lawyers how much power the government has to force vaccinations. Could they, for instance, order everyone to get flu shots, because as he put it: the flu “kills hundreds, thousands of people each year.” This gets to the heart of the issue, but the Biden lawyers artfully dodged an answer.

As a postscript: the Court transcriptionist made an error and wrote that Gorsuch said flu deaths are in the “hundreds of thousands.”

The media went ballistic in attacking Gorsuch for his apparent misstatement. Even though the error in the transcript was corrected, the media sleuths haven’t corrected THEIR error – because they never get things wrong.

Listen for yourself:

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