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The Foreign Delegations Have Left Town – And So San Francisco Is Back to Its Pigsty Status

Last month, San Francisco officials and California Governor Gavin Newsom scrambled to clean up the streets and the city’s homeless encampments as foreign leaders arrived for the Asian-Pacific Summit (APEC).

Chinese media outlets relentlessly mocked the sudden focus on cleanliness. They sneered at Newsom for presenting to the world a fake San Francisco- a temporary Potemkin Village. (This is the kind of ploy that the Chinese and other communist countries are very good at pulling off themselves.) No one was fooled. As one Chinese news story put it: “You know when you have people over to your house you’re going to clean up the house.”

But here we are just over a week later and conditions have already reverted back to the previous filth and squalor, as shown by the footage below. Just a couple of weeks ago, anti-camping laws were being enforced, the streets had been steam cleaned and the graffiti-covered over.

It just goes to confirm that nearly everything that Gavin Newsom says and does is fraudulent.

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