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The FTC’s Reign of Error Continues

FTC commissioner Lina Kahn may have a string of defeats in court, but that isn’t slowing her down. She’s now on the verge of trying to dismantle Amazon – one of America’s most iconic and profitable companies.

Amazon officials are being hauled before the FTC in the next few days for what is known as a “last rites” meeting, which is typically the final step before the agency files an antitrust complaint.

Ms. Khan hates companies that are too big and too profitable – even when in the case of Amazon, the company lowers prices for consumers. Case in point: Amazon just had a Prime Day sales event with more than $12 billion in online sales. Consumers save $2.5 billion. IN ONE DAY! Wait, we thought monopolies were bad because they RAISE prices. Amazon is being punished for cutting them? The best estimates are that Amazon saves the average family using its services 75 hours a year in shopping time due to its home delivery services.

Why is the FTC harassing a company that is pro-consumer and pro-small business? Amazon and its chief competitor, Walmart, have done more to reduce prices and reduce poverty than almost any government welfare program in history.

Lina Khan’s radical and self-aggrandizing antitrust agenda benefits no one but lawyers and Washington busy-body bureaucrats. Time to cut the FTC budget in half.

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