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The Hunter Biden Email Scandal Is Deepening

We reported over the weekend that now even the New York Times has authenticated the Hunter Biden emails – the one’s we have been reporting on for months. Yet the White House continues to claim there is “no confirmation” that the president’s son got $3.5 million in payments from Russia or if he has divested from his Chinese business interests.

Senator Ron Johnson (R, WI) wants to know why the FBI covered-up the e-mail scandal before the 2020 election and why 51 former U.S. intelligence officials and experts sent a letter shortly before the 2020 election that claimed the laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign.

It turns out the letter itself was the misinformation campaign. None of the 51 “nonpartisan” signees have retracted their fatuous claim.

The vast majority of them reached by the New York Post declined to comment.

Here are some of the choice responses of those who did:

        • “As far as I know I do stand by the statement, but I’m kind of busy right now.”
        • “I can’t tell you what part is real and what part is fake, but the thesis still stands for me, that it was a media influence hit job.”
        • “I’ll pass. I haven’t followed the case recently.”

All of this is more evidence that the Deep State is real and the Biden family’s connection with Russians and Chinese needs to be fully investigated.



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