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The Left Complains That Poverty Went Up Because We Aren’t Spending Enough on Welfare

The media will do nearly anything to cover for Biden’s screw-ups, and no better example than how major news outlets attempted to shield the White House from these new atrocious Census numbers on the economy.

This CNN headline was typical of how media spun the bad news yesterday:

The share of Americans, particularly children, in poverty rose significantly last year, in large part because Congress did not renew a COVID-19 pandemic enhancement to the child tax credit, according to Census Bureau data released Tuesday.

You get it? It’s not Biden’s fault. You have to read down the page to get to the discussion of Biden’s inflation, which hit a high of 9.2% last year and ripped gaping holes in real family incomes.

So did the feds really skimp on welfare benefits in 2022?

You decide. Here are the official numbers from the House Budget Committee:

“In fiscal year 2022, the federal government spent $1.19 trillion on more than 80 different welfare programs. That represents almost 20% of total federal spending or $9,000 spent per American household.”

Biden’s Budget: A Future That’s Built on Government Dependence | The U.S. House Committee on the Budget – House Budget Committee

Question: How can the fools in Washington spend $1.2 trillion on anti-poverty programs and yet we still have nearly 40 million people in poverty?

Biden wanted to expand the child credit – a cash welfare payment based on how many children there are in a household. Again, we learn from the House Budget Committee: “This policy would cost taxpayers an astonishing cost of $429 billion. However, the policy included removal of work requirements permanently.”

We wouldn’t have a problem with expanding the child credit IF, IF, IF, it required 40 hours a week of work from the head of the household.

Dems say “hell no!” to that idea. We wonder how they think you can get families out of poverty if no one is working.

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