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The Left Is Now Dominating the Professions Too

One of the themes of the HOTLINE is to warn readers that the left is slowly taking over the cultural and professional institutions of America – schools, universities, the media, churches, and Hollywood. Yesterday, we pointed to a study from The American Journalist at Syracuse University, that found just 3.4% of American journalists described themselves as Republican in 2022.

HOTLINE readers have now directed us to other studies showing that yawning imbalance is pervasive in other professions as well. Among academics, only 6% are Republican. Even engineers now trend Democratic.

Physicians, who had a firm Republican tilt as recently as 2004, now give 90% of their donations to Democrats (which helps explain why so much of COVID policy became “get Trump”).

Americans with a graduate degree have seen the most tilt towards the Left. Part of the explanation is that radical elements have spent billions in foundation money to influence the thoughts of those with advanced degrees.

Caution: most of this analysis goes through 2018. But does anyone think things have gotten better in academia or the professions since then?

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