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The Market Rejected EVs 100 Years Ago and Now the Government’s Forcing Us To Buy Them

Many people have forgotten that when the automobile was invented there was a real race between the internal combustion engine and electric batteries for what would be the primary means of propulsion.

In 1900, electric cars accounted for about a third of all vehicles on the road. They lost the race for dominance in 1908 when Henry Ford introduced the Model T, which was a gasoline-powered car at a price of $850 ($26,600 today). Ford’s market share surged from 9 percent in 1908 to 61 percent in 1921. The Model T replaced the horse-drawn carriage as the primary means of transport in the United States.

And now we have “back to the future” governmental policies that are forcing us to buy a technology that we’ve known for a century as inferior. This is the opposite of progress. This tweet from our friend, Ken Cuccinelli (a former attorney general of Virginia who is also a mechanical engineer), explains that everything is upside down here:

Next thing you know, these dopes will try to bring back windmills for generating electricity. Oh, never mind.

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