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Voters Want a Divorce From Blue State and City Policies

Last week we reported on the domestic migration data by county.

Our friends at Issues & Insights have performed a great public service by breaking down the same data by how counties voted in 2020.

They found that since Joe Biden took office, nearly four million people have fled from Blue counties to Red counties.  That’s the equivalent of nearly the entire population of seven congressional districts. And it’s not just people leaving cities and counties that locked down their schools and businesses during COVID – though that surely contributed to the outmigration. I&I says that a million people made their move in just the last year.

The 10 counties that saw the biggest negative net migration all voted for Biden in 2020. Eight of the 10 counties with the biggest influx were areas carried by Trump.

The question is whether these blue-county refugees become evangelists for the very blue-county policies they left behind.

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