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To Save the Planet Why Not Stop Forest Fires

Some eight million acres of land have burned to a crisp in Canada – that’s an area larger than the state of Vermont – and 400 fires are still expected to burn throughout the rest of the summer. We found a fascinating analysis of the impact of these forest fires on the climate, and we wish the alarmists and the politicians would pay attention and do something about it:

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor, June 9, 2023

Wildfires Bring to Light CO2 Emission Reduction Challenges

      • A ScienceAdvances study forecasts the annual forest fires in the Northern Hemisphere could release 12 gigatons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere.
      • The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that carbon dioxide emissions from energy and industrial production globally hit a record of 36.8 gigatons in 2022.
      • According to the University of California, wildfire emissions in 2020 were twice as high as the state’s greenhouse gas reductions between 2003 and 2019. Wildfires were the second-biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions in California in 2020.
      • Science revealed that nearly 1.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide were released due to forest fires in 2021. That’s nearly three times the projected reductions in 2030 based on the Inflation Reduction Act.

Hmm, putting this all together, we got to thinking: Rather than shutting down American energy, forcing people to buy electric vehicles, holding 35 international Climate Change Conferences, banning gas stoves and air conditioners, killing hundreds of thousands of cows, spending hundreds of billions of dollars on uneconomical wind and solar farms, imposing massive green taxes on the economy, and hitting the “great reset” on the world industrial economy (which would cause massive global poverty), why don’t the politicians just devise a way to manage forests better?

Nah, that would be way too logical. Better to stick with “Let it Burn.”

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