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Tweet Of The Year Comes From Paul Ehrlich

We mentioned yesterday that the most discredited academic of all time, doomsdayer Paul Ehrlich, appeared on 60 Minutes this weekend spreading more of his inane theories about the world coming to an end. We and many others pounced on CBS for giving this now-90-year-old loon a platform given the falseness of every prediction he has made over the past fifty years.

Ehrlich took to Twitter and almost comically gave this lame excuse for his perfect record of always being wrong.

Doesn’t he sound just like another discredited left-wing hero: Anthony Fauci, who once said “I am the science.”

What Ehrlich is saying is: sure I was dead wrong: but I hoodwinked all the other scientists. Thank you, Paul Ehrlich. This is a useful primer into why the “scientific consensus” is so often wrong.

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