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United Airlines Goes Woke

Your editors were annoyed when we were seated on a United Airlines flight and had to watch an ad called “United is Going Green.” This is part of an ongoing United PR campaign which promises travelers that “United is committed to using no fossil fuels by the year 2050.”

Hello. This is an airline. It uses jet fuel – lots of it. That’s a fossil fuel. Are we now going to have electric jet planes with 2000 mile-long extension cords? Are they going to install windmills on top of the planes? Are they going to make planes out of plastic?

The only way to get from New York to Los Angeles without using fossil fuels is to get on an electric Greyhound bus.

Bring back the old Continental (now United Airlines) slogan: “We really move our tail for you.”

That was an epic/controversial, and yet highly-successful campaign. And my would that ever irritate the woke crowd today.

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