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Democrats New Villain: “Joe Manchin Democrats”

Progressive Democrats want to get rid of any remaining centrists in their party so they can be politically pure. Their tactic is to tie all of them to Senator Joe Manchin, who helped kill Build Back Better in the Senate.

In Texas, progressive Jessica Cisneros is challenging Rep Henry Cuellar in a May 24 runoff. “He could become the Joe Manchin of the House,” Cisneros tells voters. Cuellar notes Cisneros opposes fossil fuel development, tighter border controls and is weak on crime, all stances that are unpopular in a 72 percent Hispanic district.

In Oregon, Rep. Kurt Schrader has voted for almost all of Biden’s priorities but he opposed his prescription drug plan and voted against his first stimulus bill. That’s enough to get four of the six county Democratic committees in his district to dump him and back progressive Jamie McLeod-Skinner instead.

“He’s like the Joe Manchin of the House,” she claims. The primary is May 17.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania Democrats will pick their U.S. Senate candidate next week. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a die-hard progressive, is reminding voters that he’s been attacking his more moderate opponent, Rep. Conor Lamb, because he has been endorsed by Joe Manchin. Fetterman is expected to win handily.

The democrats are quickly becoming a donut party: there is no middle.

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