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Wait! Wasn’t Biden Supposed To REDUCE Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

The amazing shale revolution that vastly expanded America’s natural gas production over the past decade was a highly effective technological innovation that REDUCED our greenhouse gas emissions.

But the 10-year trend of declining C02 emissions actually ended when Biden took office. The conventional explanation for this is that as the U.S. economy opened up after Covid emissions rose. But that is only part of the story. Iconoclastic environmentalist Michael Shellenberger explains why:

“In 2021, emissions in the U.S. increased *mostly* bc of increased coal use, *not* bc of higher econ growth. Why? Because nat gas became more expensive. Why? Because of inadequate supply. Why? Chronic *under-investment* in production & pipelines, thanks to ESG & climate activists.”

Congratulations, Joe. To save the world from greenhouse gas emissions you… increased greenhouse gas emissions and Trump cut them.

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