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Why Liberals Are In Despair

President Biden quoted the liberal icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he first addressed Congress last year, laying out a policy plan with New Deal-sized ambition: curb climate change, reduce college and drug costs, raise corporate taxes, subsidize child care and continue tax rebates for parents, among other initiatives.

Fourteen months later — despite unified Democratic control of the House, Senate and White House — none of that has passed into law. At the same time, the conservative rebellion birthed in response to Roosevelt’s legacy notched major public policy victories in the courts and in states across the country….(In states) like Texas and Florida, where conservatives control all branches of elected government, Republicans have expanded school choice, reformed school curriculums, curbed voting access, lowered taxes and launched a new wave of culture war fights.

The Washington Post summarizing the utter frustration of liberals to enact the sweeping transformation of the country they thought President Biden would usher in.

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