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Welcome To Black And Latinx Math

Speaking of problems with math, congratulations are in order to our favorite Chicago-based radio talk show host, Dan Proft (whose morning show regularly features CTUP experts) for breaking this wild story:

The school in question is Evanston High School, located just north of Chicago.

A calculus class was restricted to students who “identify as black, all genders.”

Segregated classes based on race were supposed to be outlawed by civil rights laws – but in this new world where racial identity is everything, the left’s latest demands are to keep the races apart.

Next thing you know the leftist buffoons who support these segregated classrooms will start using the terminology “separate, but equal.”

We are told that this story has generated so much pushback and ridicule that Evanston may end the brief experiment in segregated classes.

And by the way, who still uses the offensive term “Latinx?”

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