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Welcome to Our Green Military

Does the Biden Administration’s mania for electric vehicles know any bounds? Biden now wants to require the U.S. military to have an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.

Last week, under questioning from Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm doubled down in support of an all-electric military by claiming it would reduce reliance on the “volatility of globally-traded fossil fuels.” She has previously called the push for electric vehicles a necessity in order to fight the “existential threat” of climate change.

Could we have ever won World War 2 with these loons running our military?

And as a side point: doesn’t our Secretary of Energy even know that about two-thirds of our electric power comes from fossil fuels? What’s her next trick: putting windmills on top of our tanks and battleships?

Good luck finding a charging station in a Middle East desert or a European beach landing site.

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