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Where’s Waldo?

All weekend, we’ve heard from the media pundits that the Democrats have practically saved the planet from annihilation by passing the “historic climate change, health care, and energy bill.”

If it’s so historic, where was everyone?

We alerted readers on Friday that as many as 80 Dems might fail to show up for the floor debate and would vote absentee by proxy. That turned out to be exactly the number. For the “most historic vote in years,” these members mailed it in.

There were also 78 Republicans who voted against the massive tax and spend bill by proxy. That’s not something we will defend, but there is a BIG difference between failing to show up to vote no, and failing to show up to vote yes to change the laws of the land.

The House rules on proxy voting changed during Covid, but Covid is over. And there weren’t anywhere near 80 House Democrats (or 78 Rs) with the virus.

This strikes us as a clear violation of a Representative’s moral duty to show up for votes on vital issues. We list the 80 Democrats who voted yes by proxy below in the hopes that the people in these districts back home take note:

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