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How An English Lit Major Made Canada’s Decision To Mandate Vaccines

We at the Hotline have reported example after example of officials who advocated lockdowns during the pandemic by arguing they were “following the science.” What science?

The latest outrage comes out of Canada.  Rupa Subramanya, a Canadian journalist, reviewed public documents and discovered that  Canada’s 2021 mandate that all government employees and travelers on trains and planes had to be vaccinated had no scientific basis.

Subramanya reports: “The bureaucrat in charge of crafting one of the world’s ‘strongest vaccination mandates in the world’, according to the bureaucrat herself and Trudeau, has an undergraduate degree in English literature and self-evidently didn’t have the scientific knowledge… Neither were there any doctors, epidemiologists and scientists on her team, a secretive panel whose membership is nowhere published.”

This is hardly “following the science.”

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