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Why Georgia Runoff Still Matters

With the apparent continuation of Senate Democratic control, all eyes shift to the Georgia runoff election on December 6. Between incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker.

Conservative sources in the state tell us that they are having trouble raising money or motivating volunteers for Walker. The skeptics argue that since Senate control is with Democrats, there is no real difference between Republicans having 49 Senators and 50 Senators – because Vice President Kamala Harris breaks ties.

But the race does matter a lot. The current Senate power-sharing agreement provides for equal numbers of members on committees, some minority rights on discharging nominees and bills, and equal staffing levels and office space.

In addition, in a Senate with 51 Democrats, no single Democratic Senator can block nominations or floor action.

In short, it is vital that the Senate remain tied even with Kamala.

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