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Why Isn’t Europe Ponying Up?

Donald Trump continuously and rightly complained that the NATO members in Europe don’t spend enough on their own defense. The Western European countries have been freeloading off the back of American taxpayers for their own security for decades.

Trump was right. The problem’s getting worse. No better evidence than the relative amount the US has spent on military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine versus what the Europeans have spent. The US has already spent more than $50 billion through the end of 2022 – far more than all of Europe combined – even though the Russians are in their own backyard.

When we include the $45 billion more for Ukraine approved in the Omnibusted bill, the US is now at $100 billion. We are all for helping the Ukrainians against the evil Russian war machine, but 75 years after the end of World War II, Europe has to learn to defend itself.

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