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Biden: We Never Said We Wanted To Ban Gas Stoves! Uh Huh!

We and many others reported on the Biden administration’s secret plan to move toward banning gas stoves and the outcry (mostly from women) has been so ferocious that the Biden administration has been forced to sprint backward. Their trial balloon has crashed and burned.

This is all just a vast right-wing conspiracy – the Biden administration is now assuring us.

Hardly. Here’s the real story. Earlier this week Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. jumped the gun in announcing the plan under consideration. The chairman of the CPSC and Biden himself claimed the opposite. The media is dutifully working overtime to transform the story into a right-wing “culture war” fantasy:

The problem with this story line for the Democrats is they DO want to declare war on gas stoves – and they are ALREADY banning them around the country. Why? Because they hate anything to do with fossil fuels.

In New York the governor asked the legislature to enact a statewide ban in an official legislative proposal just days ago:

There are already local bans on gas appliances in new construction in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The threat to our stoves is so clear and present that 20 states (in green below) are being proactive and have pre-empted local governments from banning gas ovens. Kudos to them.

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