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Why the EV Market Has Flopped

The big story on EVs is that almost no one in red states – half the country – is buying them. Thank Joe Biden for that.  His taxpayer subsidies and heavy-handed mandates intended to force the auto companies to make and sell EVs, and consumers to buy them have incited a buyer revolt in the most conservative areas of the country.

In North Dakota, at the end of 2022, there were a grand total of 600 EVs registered. IN THE ENTIRE STATE! There were some 850 registered in Wyoming. In 10 red states, less than one of 1,000 cars on the road are EVs.  In these states, driving an EV is like drinking a Bud Light.

If you count all the EVs in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, Montana, and Idaho, they account for less than one percent of the total U.S. sales. Energy expert Robert Bryce notes that on a per capita basis, a California car buyer is 30 times more likely to buy an EV than a resident of North Dakota.

For further evidence of this red-state-blue-state divide, this chart shows the 10 states with the most EVs as a share of the population. Seven are deep blue states:

By contrast, the 10 states with the smallest market penetration for EVs were ALL red states:

Ironically, Joe Biden is the worst thing that ever happened to this industry. EVs have become “Biden cars.”

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