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Will Democrats Pay A Price For “Defund The Police?”

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis – who is affiliated with the radical “Squad” surrounding AOC – will face a serious primary challenge from Don Samuels, a former Minneapolis City Council member. He’s attacking Omar’s decision to back a referendum last November that would have replaced the local police department with a social services agency. That was voted down by a wide margin of city residents.

Samuels gained notoriety when he brought a lawsuit in the wake of a crime spree that argued the city wasn’t meeting the minimum requirements for police protection in the city’s charter. A judge ruled in his favor and ordered more police on the beat.

Samuels says his response to the post-George Floyd riots in Minneapolis shows how he differs with Omar – who never met a radical idea she didn’t like.

What a blessing it would be to get Omar out of Congress.

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