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Wisconsin Becomes the 28th State to Ban Zuckerbucks

On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters delivered a big win for election integrity.

They easily passed two referendums that prevent local election officials from using private grants or non-profit “helpers” to administer elections.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers had vetoed the GOP legislature’s efforts to avoid a repeat of 2020, when the Center for Tech and Civil Life (a group financed by Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg) spent hundreds of millions of dollars in battleground states to change how elections were administered. The money effectively created a privately financed get-out-the-vote effort encouraged by local election officials.

Green Bay, the state’s third-largest city, effectively turned over its election operations to Zuckerberg’s cronies. The Federalist reports “Open records requests show a longtime Democrat operative who was embedded in the Green Bay City Clerk’s office during the 2020 election offered to help ‘cure’ absentee ballot envelopes and was given the keys to the room where absentee ballots were stored.”

The passage of the referendums makes Wisconsin the 28th state to ban “Zuckbucks”-style electioneering.

Unfortunately, Biden is replacing the Zuckbuck apparatus with a taxpayer-funded federal voter-turnout operation, as we’ve previously reported. We’re sure that this operation will be nonpartisan and do its best to turn out Republican voters.

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