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House Democrats Endorse a $4 Trillion Deficit

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #213
1) House Democrats Endorse a $4 Trillion Deficit
These folks are truly mad – or drunk with power – or both.

The House Democratic budget resolution which sets the legal parameters for how much money Pelosi and Schumer can spend this year calls for a $6,100,000,000,000 budget. The deficit would be just shy of $4 trillion.

The budget resolution sets up “reconciliation instructions,” which allow the Senate to pass spending and tax bills with only 51 votes in the Senate (no filibuster). With Kamala casting the tie-breaking vote, they think they don’t need a single Republican vote. (Call it the “unity” budget.)

This is how much the agencies would be empowered to spend courtesy of Nancy Pelosi’s office:

Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden are intent on driving the U.S. economy over a cliff. This will be a test as to whether there is even ONE half-sane Democrat in the entire United States Congress.

We fear the answer is no.
2) Joe’s Never, Never Land Auto Plan

And speaking of dingbat ideas, Biden has announced a Buy America plan to replace the entire federal fleet of 650,000 cars and trucks with electric vehicles by the end of his term.

Slight problem. As Axios reports, “right now, not a single model fits the president’s three criteria: battery-powered, made in America, by union workers.” Tesla is not unionized. The Chevy Volt has many parts made in Korea. The Nissan Leaf is made in Tennessee, but the plant is nonunionized, with one one-third of its parts made in the USA. Ford and Stellantis just recently committed to build more EVs at union factories in…Canada and Mexico.

When will this get done? Probably never. As Axios concludes: “Biden’s plan to replace government fleet with electric vehicles will take forever.”

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