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House of Representatives is taking aim at Dodd-Frank

Policy and Government

Larry Kudlow says Trump should pressure Congress on tax cuts and health care.

In the WSJ, Josh Zumbrun reports U.S. household net worth has hit a record high.

At National Review, Noah Daponte-Smith warns businesses and people are fleeing CT.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny explains why it wasn’t the Dodgers that made LA’s economy great.

In the Washington Times, Alexander G. Markovsky and Herbert London say capitalism is evolving if we let it.


In the NY Times, Alan Rappeport reports the House is taking aim at Dodd-Frank.

“The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is among the most inappropriately named laws ever enacted in the U.S.,” said Norbert Michel, a Heritage Foundation Research Fellow. “It neither reformed Wall Street nor protected consumers, and it imposed massive new regulations on banks far away from Wall Street.”

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