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Steve Forbes: Larry Kudlow is the right man to advise President Trump on the economy

The WSJ reports Larry Kudlow will President Trump’s chief economic advisor.

Stephen Moore praises President Trump’s selection of Larry Kudlow for NEC Director.

The NY Sun discusses Kudlow’s NEC nomination.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says the right must stop apologizing for free markets.


In the Washington Examiner, Jason Pye explains why the Internet sales tax is harmful.

The WSJ slams the Internet sales tax.

In the National Pulse, Jon Decker writes the Internet sales tax is a really bad idea.

In The Hill, Brent Gardner explains why an online sales tax is a dangerous expansion of power.

Steve Forbes praises President Trump’s call for a stage 2 on tax cuts.

More tax cuts coming?!

Photo Credit: paul.klintworth