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Representative Kevin Brady talks about Phase II of tax cuts.

Policy and Government
Larry Kudlow on CNBC as key to growth: “Lower tax rates and a sound stable dollar….”
At, Ralph Benko writes President Trump hit a grand slam in selecting Larry Kudlow for NEC director.

Steve Hanke, at prescribes a post-doc tutorial on trade statistics by Kudlow for President Trump.
In the Daily Signal, David Harsanyi believes Larry Kudlow is a big upgrade for the White House.
Megan McCardle, at The Washington Post, meditating on the Kudlow appointment, observes that “Trump seems unlikely to try a ‘pivot to the Brookings Institution’, which would cost him his base without gaining him any ‘strange new respect’ from the wonketariat.”
Investor’s Business Daily praises President Trump’s selection of Larry Kudlow.
On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny writes if you need an inclusion rider to make it in Hollywood, you won’t.
At, John Tamny says conservatives should stick to their free market roots.
At G-Coin, Ralph Benko discusses gold and St. Patricks Day.
CNBC ponders what Larry Kudlow’s appointment means for the dollar.
On Fox Business, Representative Kevin Brady talks about Phase II of tax cuts.
From, Steve Hanke gives a cautionary tale of public-private partnerships.
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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