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John Stossel summarizes ‘In Money We Trust.’

Policy and Government

OZY reports that President Xi warned of the Trade War’s Long March and links to OZY’s Special Briefing on the tech war.

David Leonhardt, at The New York Time‘s “The Argument” podcast, reveals that he leans toward at 49.9999% income tax top rate, supports an annual wealth tax, a financial transactions tax, a carbon tax, a Green New Deal, and abolition of the electoral college, which “doesn’t make someone extremely left-wing” by his own view.

The New York Fed’s blog, Liberty Street Economics in “New China Tariffs Increase Costs to U.S. Households calculates the cost of these new, higher tariffs at $831 on the typical U.S. household.


From Reason, John Stossel summarizes ‘In Money We Trust.’ Watch full movie here.

At Cato Institute, Michael Bordo writes about the Nixon Shock and the end of the Bretton Woods System, with observations about the presenting problem: “the elephant in the room—and which was created by the United States’ money-financed fiscal policy to pay for the Vietnam War and Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society program.”

Nathan Lewis at explains how to get outrageous growth without “inflation.”

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says the way to make the euro great again is to ensure its stable value.


In the NY Post, Robert Bryce discusses how New York’s green energy policies hurt consumers.


Daily Signal’s Ted Bromund reports that Australian conservatives pull off a miracle win in their national election by running on economic opportunity rather than Labour’s signature issue, climate change.

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