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Nick Timiraos reports Judy Shelton would shake up the Fed.

Policy and Government

At Institutional Investor, Chris Schelling says the problem with capitalism is we don’t have enough of it.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Richard M. Salsman says as government grows the economy slows.

In The Hill, Grover Norquist and Timothy Phillips warn President Trump is playing a dangerous game with China.

From Project Syndicate, Nouriel Roubini says the world will suffer if China and the U.S. can’t come to an agreement.

On the Bill Walton Show, Bill Walton, John Tamny, and Ken Fischer discuss economics.

Issues Insight reports the growing jobs market has mystified the press.

From Fox News, Joseph A. Wulfsohn reports Bill Maher conceded Trump’s economy is booming.


In the WSJ, Nick Timiraos reports Judy Shelton would shake up the Fed.

From Townhall, John Stossel discusses “In Money We Trust.”


In the NY Post, Jonathon Trugman says the tax cuts are translating into higher pay.


In the National Pulse, Jon Decker wonders why Democrats want to use your tax dollars to fund their candidates.


In the Washington Times, Tom Howell Jr. reports free market groups are slamming President Trump’s plan to import foreign drug price controls.

The WSJ editorial board praises the success of the sharing economy.

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