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John Tamny explains how Amazon’s genius mocks the Fed’s 2% inflation target.

Policy and Government

Seerat Sohi at Sports Illustrated reveals how another back-of-the-napkin calculus, like the Laffer Curve, saved the NBA: the shot clock.  “A game that … in an era where algorithms are considered more reliable than human brainpower, was saved on gut intuition. From a napkin-back to a high school gym to a huddle and a snap decision, these are the rules that now govern ballers’ lives, an entire multi-billion dollar industry….” (Janet Yellen, call your office and Blodgett Vocational High!)

Henry Allen, at The Washington Post, explores the root of the disconnect between Trump, a New Yorker, and Washington: “The medium of exchange in New York is money brokered by Wall Street. In Washington, it’s power brokered by the media.

On Real Clear Markets, Ira Stoll says it is critical President Trump does not get the tariffs he desires.

From, Tim Worstall warns Trump’s tariffs would make Americans poorer.

Mother Jones discusses China’s plan to build a ‘green wall’ to stave off environmental disaster.


From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny explains how Amazon’s genius mocks the Fed’s 2% inflation target.


At, Tim Worstall explains why even a [Financial Transactions] tax of 0.01% is above the Laffer Curve peak.

Bloomberg covers tax cut turbulence.


From, Ralph Benko shows how the politico-media crisis is hyping the debt ceiling issue.

Photo Credit: By ChadPerez49, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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