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Policy and Government

Steve Forbes interviews serial entrepreneur John Catsimatidis.

At FT, David Ricks explains how intellectual property protections will usher in a new era of cures.


On Fox Business, John Tamny says the U.S. hasn’t maintained a stable dollar in decades.

CNBC reports the 10 year yield is dropping.

CNBC reports four former Fed chairs criticized Trump for politicizing monetary policy in a joint WSJ op-ed.

Tim Worstall at the Washington Examiner points out that a falling currency is a natural reaction to the imposition of tariffs and causes China to pay more for US goods… which Trump, based on his own logic, should be celebrating.


On Fox News, Arthur Laffer says Trump’s tax cut is bringing money home.


At Fox News, Tom Del Beccaro says on socialism, Democrats’ only debate is how fast to get there.


At AEI, Mark Jamison says proponents on anti-trust don’t understand business realities.

In The Hill, Ike Brannon says the Fed should abandon its plans to develop a real-time payment system that would compete against the private sector.