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***The War for the Dollar***

Reuters reports that Director Kudlow is battling Peter Navarro over the future of the dollar.

Reuters reports that the reduction of the value of the Yuan against the dollar was a policy response to US tariffs.

Washington Post reports the Treasury Department designates China a ‘currency manipulator,’ a major escalation of the trade war.

CNN wonders if the U.S. and China are heading for a currency war.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny channels Larry Kudlow to remind us that investment powers economic growth, and devaluation harms investment.

The Washington Examiner reports the Dow Jones sinks 767 points in worst day of 2019 as China trade war heats up.

VP Biden’s former chief economist Jared Bernstein blogs about the China devaluation.

The Washington Post report obscures that President Trump achieved historic record near $1T capital trade surplus — perfectly offsetting the $900B merchandise trade deficit.

The NY Times reports China’s currency moves escalate trade war, rattling markets.