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Judy Shelton asks ‘Who will fix what broke at Bretton Woods?’

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From MarketWatch, Jeffry Bartash believes the real March Madness is that stocks are going up while prospects for the the US economy are going down.

In the WSJ, economists believe election turmoil is fueling market uncertainty.


In the NY  Sun, Judy Shelton asks ‘Who will fix what broke at Bretton Woods?’

From, John Tamny believes Donald Trump’s belief that currency devaluation drives prosperity is dangerous.

At, Ralph Benko writes Ted Cruz has tapped into Jack Kemp’s playbook with his call for a gold standard.

In Reuters, Jason Lange reports China’s central bank reached out to the Fed during market turmoil.

At The Pulse, Maggie Gallagher writes workers are getting screwed by the economy.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says Donald Trump’s tax plan will be better for investment than Hillary Clinton’s.

CBS News shows which Presidential candidates’ tax plan would benefit your wallet the most.

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