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Judy Shelton: Currency manipulation is a real problem

Policy and Government

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow says Trump’s economic plan means growth, growth, growth!

US Economic Freedom Hits Historic Low: Sad!

Mises Institute: Say’s Law is the antidote to economic fallacies.

In the WSJ, Blake Hurst discusses how free trade and the soybean made America great.


In the WSJ, Judy Shelton writes currency manipulation is a real problem:

Mr. Trump’s penchant for identifying core problems and taking bold actions to resolve them is encouraging. He would do well to take the next step for the sake of free trade and to establish a system that ensures stable exchange rates.

Middle Class Squeeze: Inflation surges in January.

Yellen: Fed on course to raise rates.


In The Hill, Joseph LaVorgna writes tax cuts are the perfect remedy for what ails the economy.

At Investor’s Business Daily, Diana Furchtgott-Roth warns a carbon tax would clobber growth.

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