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5645175542_fa12ab159f_mPolicy and Government

From MarketWatch, Rex Nutting says sorry Trump supporters; immigration is great for the economy.

At, Ralph Benko’s Big Reveal: Saul Alinsky fought communism and detested Big Government.


In the WSJ, Kate Davidson reports the GOP’s 2016 platform calls for investigating possible ways to set a fixed value for the dollar.

In the WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath and Michael Derby believe the Fed is getting more confident that they can hike interest rates this year.

From Fortune, Shawn Tully explains how a spike in the dollar’s value has hurt the U.S. economy.


From the Washington Post, Jim Tankersley covers the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s advice on taxes.

In the WSJ, Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore discuss potential tweaks to the Trump tax plan.


The Energy Information Administration releases a new study on the economic impacts of EPA regulations.

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