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28274462176_aa29509364_qPolicy and Government

On Real Clear Markets, Paul Hoffmeister makes the case that Trump/Pence will lead to a supply-side boom.

The WSJ breaks down where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on key economic issues.

At CNBC, Jeff Cox writes Americans are putting more cash under the mattress.

LiveMint praises the genius of Robert Mundell.


At MarketWatch, Danielle Marceau says the Fed has no idea how to forecast the economy.


On Fox News, Stephen Moore discusses how Trump’s tax plan will grow the economy.

At The Tax Foundation, Alan Cole responds to criticism of the House GOP tax plan.


In the Daily Signal, Diane Katz discusses the Heritage Foundation’s blueprint for regulatory reform.


At, Tim Worstall tells us what Turkey got right: ownership.

Photo Credit: Darryl Smith