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Larry Kudlow: Democratic Debate Lacked Pro-Growth Message

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.55.55 AMBy Larry Kudlow

From Townhall:

Did the Democratic debaters mention growth? If they did, it wasn’t all that much.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an avowed “democratic socialist,” wants $18 trillion of new big-government spending (according to The Wall Street Journal) and has not ruled out a 90 percent income tax rate. Hillary Clinton wants to double the capital gains tax. She wants middle-class jobs but wants to tax the businesses that create them.

Whenever middle-class taxpayers hear this kind of nonsense, they know that big middle-class tax hikes are on the way.

And though all the Democratic presidential contenders hate the Obama recovery, they want to enlarge President Obama’s policies with more spending, greater tax burdens and new regulations.

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