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Larry Kudlow Says Biden is Rushing Towards Bigger Government

Policy and Government

At Fox News, Larry Kudlow says Biden is rushing towards bigger government. 

At Fox News, Kudlow warns of the Democrats’ push for green socialism.


Per Mississippi Today, Art Laffer is endorsing Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn’s move to abolish the state’s income tax by replacing it with various taxes on consumption.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes argues that carbon taxes will cause energy bills to skyrocket and act as a drag on economic growth.


At Forbes (via YouTube), Forbes touts cryptocurrencies as our best safeguard against government-induced inflation.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Ethan Yang analyzes the increasing adoption of Bitcoin within the mainstream.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Kristoffer Mousten Hansen and Peter C. Earle make the case that loose fiscal and monetary policy during the pandemic has served as a backdoor to universal basic income.


At the American Institute for Economic Research, John Tamny asks, can the American economy grow without immigration?

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