Dems Now So Far to Left They Even Throw Obama Under the Bus

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1) Dems Now So Far to Left They Even Throw Obama Under the Bus

Chuck Schumer recently told CNN:

“We made a big mistake in 2009 and 2010…We cut back on the [Obama] stimulus dramatically and we stayed in recession for five years.”

Finally. Even Democrats agree that Obama had a rotten record on the economy and that his “stimulus” policies failed to prevent a “five-year recession.” By the way, a five-year recession is one of the longest in modern times-a mini-depression.

Then, as now, the Dems promised that the “shovel-ready” projects would cause 4%+ growth and millions of more jobs. As the chart below shows, that never came close to happening. 

So the $1 trillion of borrowing and wasteful spending in 2009 tanked the economy, but $2 trillion will now create nirvana. Sure.

It reminds us of what the late great Herman Cain used to say: “they think we’re stupid.” Here’s hoping Schumer et al. are wrong about that.

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