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Larry Kudlow: Trump should negotiate the removal of trade barriers during his meeting with Xi Jinping.

Policy and Government

On Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says that Trump should negotiate the removal of trade barriers during his upcoming meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In the Huffington Post, Ralph Benko at The Huffington Post provides a Bastiat-like fable comparing the centralized progressives to bees and the decentralized conservatives to butterflies.


In the Washington Examiner, Joseph Lawler reports Fed officials are looking to trim their $4.5 trillion balance sheet this year.

Stratfor explains why not much stands in the way of the dollar’s dominance (free article with email signup).

From Visual Capitalist, Jeff Desjardins shows us the dollar’s buying power over the last century.

From MarketWatch, Caroline Baum suggests the bond market isn’t buying the Fed’s outlook for the economy.


At Conservative Review, Logan Albright bashes West Virginia’s proposed soda tax increase.


In The Fiscal Times, Marc Joffe says universal basic income is an idea whose time has never come.

At National Review, Jonathan Tobin slams the NFL’s taxpayer-subsidized stadiums.


In the Daily-Journal, Stephen Moore praises Rhode Island’s Medicaid miracle.

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