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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #372
09/17/2021, 09/18/2021, 09/19/2021
1) Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

You may have heard the news yesterday that Committee to Unleash Prosperity has partnered with Larry Kudlow, Brooke Rollins, and others at America First Policy Institute to stop the Biden $5 trillion tax and blow up the economy plan. 

The idea is to create a War Room to dismantle the worst attack against free market capitalism in at least half a century. 

The coalition will be headed by Brooke and Steve Moore and will fund studies, grassroots opposition, online videos, and TV ads to educate Americans on the horrors of the bill.

It is, to say the least, a target-rich environment.

The Washington Post published a major article on the new group yesterday and if readers want to find out how they can help, please contact us:

“A new conservative coalition led by former Trump administration advisers plans to launch an up to $10 million campaign attacking President Biden’s economic package as it advances through Congress.

The effort, slated to be formally launched on Friday, is being spearheaded by the America First Policy Institute founded earlier this year by former Trump officials, as well as conservative organizations such as the Conservative Partnership Institute, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and FreedomWorks.”

We loved the response from the White House when they heard we are coming after them:

“President Biden was elected decisively last year on a promise to rebuild the middle class by putting places like Scranton ahead of Wall Street and Park Avenue…   

It’s a badge of honor that wealthy interests are now attacking President Biden as he advances his plan to invest in the middle class and lower prices on essentials like prescription drugs and health care.” – White House spokesman Michael Gwin.

We’re busy trying to figure out just who these “wealthy interests” on Park Avenue are so they can help in our effort. Alas, most of them are limousine liberals.

We need all hands on deck. If you want to help us Save America – financially or in any other way – please contact us immediately.
2) Is The Double Death Tax Dead?

Speaking of killing the Biden tax hikes, as regular readers of the Hotline know, we’ve been pounding the Democrats death tax plan and we recently released a major study showing how harmful it would be to farmers and family-owned businesses. Maybe we’re making a difference because House Ways and Means Committee Dems say the votes to pass the tax hike have slipped away:

“There were enough [members of the Committee] that raised questions about it,” House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal said this week about the Biden proposal to make death a taxable event for capital gains purposes. “The issue here is very simple and the arithmetic here is very defiant. And that is getting to 218 votes.”

Alas, the death tax isn’t dead yet. The Senate could revive it, so we need to be ever vigilant. 

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