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Government Of The Unions, By The Unions, For The Unions

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #373
1) Government Of The Unions, By The Unions, For The Unions

In America today 6.3% of all private sector workers are in a union. If our math is right that means 93.7% of private sector workers are NOT in a union. So why is Joe Biden so obsessed with creating union jobs? Joe, what about the 10 out of 11 American workers who are not in unions? 

Nearly every policy coming out of the White House gives special interest favors for the union bosses. Four that jump off the page are: Tax breaks for renewable energy only if these projects are unionized.
Requiring union workforces on nearly every federal project.
Making payments of union dues to labor bosses tax deductible.
Ending state right to work laws, which would require millions of American workers to join a union against their will.
The only area where unions are growing by leaps and bounds is in government. Our economic analyst at CTUP, Erwin Antoni (also at Texas Public Policy Foundation) compared the new numbers that came out on employee costs. Government workers get paid about $12 an hour on average more than private sector workers. 

Biden talks a lot about tax fairness. The AVERAGE federal employee makes $100,000 a year in wages and benefits. How is it fair that private sector workers have to pay higher taxes to pay for the outrageous salaries of public employees who make a lot more money than they do?

2) Astonishing Poll Result: One Out Of Four Americans “Strongly Approve” Of Biden Performance

Rasmussen Report has Biden’s approval rating at 43%. We get it. Despite his abysmal performance on inflation, the border, Afghanistan, crime, the debt, many Americans still want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But how can one in four Americans “strongly approve?”

Who are these people? This is like strongly approving of the performance of the captain of the Hindenburg.

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