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Lewis on growth and reform; Brenner on a lost decade; Kudlow on malaise.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis suggests ideas for spurring economic growth and reforming government.

On Forbes, Reuven Brenner explains how to avoid a lost decade.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell warns Republicans not to cave on tax rates.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow discusses the ongoing slow-growth malaise:

At Wall Street Pit, William Anderson quotes Paul Krugman saying, in 2004, that 70 percent tax rates were insane.

On Fiscal Times, Bruce Bartlett challenges Tim Pawlenty’s claim that tax cuts pay for themselves.

At Seeking Alpha, Tom Lindmark says Bartlett’s article is a mishmash which conflates numbers to prove a point.

On his website, Robert Reich responds to Republican tax cuts claims.

At a progressive conclave, the White House communications director gets lambasted over unemployment:

At Caffeinated Thoughts, Ralph Benko expands his discussion of money quality versus quantity.

From last week at Lew Rockwell, Bob Murphy defends the gold standard.

At IBTimes (UK), Gabriel Mueller suggests the world may be returning to a gold standard.

On COAL, Krugman criticizes the Obama Administration for giving up on Keynesian stimulus.

In The Washington Post, Chris Cillizza notes Tim Pawlenty getting tougher on Mitt Romney after last week’s low key debate performance.

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