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Lockdowns Are Back

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #161
1) Lockdowns Are Back
Why learn from the catastrophic failures of lockdown policies when you can repeat them again and claim moral superiority, right?
Today New Mexico goes back into lockdown. In classic form, this lockdown takes effect 10 days AFTER the state’s November 5 peak in coronavirus-like illness (CLI) as a percent of ER visits. That’s the best leading indicator, so now the pre-existing downtrend will be falsely credited to the lockdown.

Michigan is also re-locking — supposedly by order of the state Department of Health and Human Services this time, since the state supreme court stripped the governor of such power. By the way, can anyone tell us who elected the people at Health and Human Services?
The lockdown is being called euphemistically a “pause” and is less draconian than the last Michigan lockdown, perhaps in the hopes of surviving judicial review. You’ll note Whitmer is not risking taking on the barber who beat her in court last time — barbershops are remaining open this time.

Oregon and Washington state are also implementing more restrictions and the smiling nursing home butchers of the northeast met on Zoom yesterday to plot their next steps:

Here is some unexpected good news. Biden’s new COVID czar, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, sounds shockingly reasonable:
“If we just lock down the entire country without targeting our efforts, then we are going to exacerbate the pandemic fatigue people are feeling,” Murthy said. “We are going to hurt jobs and the economy; we are going to shut down schools and hurt the education of our children.”

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