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Chart of the Day: No Need for Stimulus

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #162
1.) Chart of the Day: No Need for Stimulus
We know we sound like a broken record. But the jobs performance of the economy under Trump since the pandemic first hit in the spring has been nothing short of miraculous. The unemployment rate of 6.9% is HALF what it was expected to be by the experts. And this happened in no small part because the federal government stopped paying people not to work. If Trump had agreed to another six months of $600 bonus unemployment benefits as Pelosi insisted upon, we estimate about 5 million fewer Americans would be working today. Good move, Mr. President.

Trump Job Recovery Chart
2) Virginia: A Case Study in Lockdown Lunacy
Ralph Northam, the disgraced governor of Virginia, has imposed new statewide lockdown orders – because that is what Democratic governors do.

One of the largest counties in the state is Alexandria, in Northern Virginia. There’s a coronavirus crisis there, right? Not exactly.

Here is the latest Virginia health department analysis for Alexandria. “As for hospitalizations, there have been no consistent up-and-down trends in Alexandria. The seven-day average of new hospitalizations is one.”

Yes, you read right: ONE.

How about deaths? “The Death trend has been inconsistent as well, and deaths have not been reported every day in Alexandria. The current seven-day average is zero.”

Under Northam’s orders, the state will cap gatherings at 25 people, mask requirements will be applied to young children, the number of spectators allowed at athletic events will be capped at 25, and alcohol sales will be prohibited at dining and drinking establishments after 10 p.m.

Eric Terry, president of the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging and Travel Association, says: “These changes are just devastating the industry.” They also can carry CRIMINAL penalties – i.e., putting business owners in jail for noncompliance.

So much for “sic semper tyrannis.”

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