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Monday items: Kudlow on the GOP debate; Reynolds on tax rates; Benko on support for gold.

From NRO, Larry Kudlow suggests Gingrich and Romney blew the last debate by not focusing on pro-growth ideas.

In US News, Alan Reynolds explains that the rich pay more with lower tax rates.

At Forbes, Ralph Benko chronicles the rising support for a gold-linked dollar.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore discusses the GOP campaign:

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis argues classical economics offers proactive solutions to recession and unemployment.

In The WSJ, David Malpass advocates tighter restrictions on government spending and debt.

On Newsmax, Jeff Bell calls for the gold standard.

From TGSN, Lew Lehrman discusses the GOP candidates and monetary policy:

At COAL, Paul Krugman mocks the predictions of inflation hawks.

Also on COAL, Krugman counters claims that government data underestimate inflation.

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