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Tuesday summary: Reynolds on unemployement benefits; Benko reports conservative support for monetary reform; Rutledge on North Korea.

From Forbes, Alan Reynolds argues shortening unemployment benefits’ duration would lower unemployment and help the President’s re-election prospects.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko highlights conservative leaders’ support for sound money.

At Forbes, Charles Kadlec applauds and critiques the recent Bank of England report on Bretton Woods.

On The Kudlow Report, John Rutledge suggests North Korea may liberalize under its new leadership:

From The Washington Times, Richard Rahn rebuts Keynesian claims on government spending.

In USA Today, Mitt Romney opposes the European-style nanny state.

At The WSJ, Jason Riley notes that Romney’s 25% support is healthy for this stage of a primary contest.

In The NYT, Joe Nocera suggests GSEs were not responsible for the real estate bubble.

From Alhambra Partners, Joseph Calhoun analyzes the economies of Europe, Asia and the US.

On Fox, Steve Forbes debates EPA regulations:

In The Washington Post, Charles Lane challenges the President’s income inequality claims.

From The NYT, Bruce Bartlett argues cutting the corporate tax rate won’t improve the economy. 

At COAL, Paul Krugman wonders if China’s real estate bubble is bursting.

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