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Monday round up: Forbes, Ferrara and Moore review the President’s jobs and tax plan; Benko remembers the German Miracle; Volcker warns against inflation.

At CBS News, Steve Forbes critiques the President’s call for higher taxes.

From Forbes, Peter Ferrara proposes an alternative to the Obama jobs plan.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore suggests the President lacks credibility on the economy.

On The Kudlow Report, Moore debates the Obama/Buffett tax hike proposal:

In The NY Times, former Fed chairman and Obama economic advisor Paul Volcker warns against purposeful creation of inflation.

At Forbes, Nathan Lewis explains how to run a gold standard.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko recounts Ludwig Erhard’s role in the German post-war economic miracle.

From Mercatus, Lawrence White of George Mason supports the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011.

At Forbes, Rich Miniter suggests Hugo Chavez seized his nation’s gold supply in anticipation of adverse court rulings.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis examines the balance of payments under gold-linked currency.

In Forbes, John Tamny argues for liberalized immigration laws.

On Kudlow, Larry challenges Scott Paul of the Alliance for American Manufacturing on China trade:


At RCM, Larry Kudlow chides NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg for warning of riots if the Obama jobs package isn’t passed.

From Bloomberg, conservative Keynesian John B. Taylor argues for ending the Fed’s dual mandate.

At, Hale Stewart claims supply-side solutions won’t help the current economy.

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