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Wednesday round up: The WSJ notes the 2013 tax cliff; Berlau opposes Sarbox; Zoellick discusses the global economy.

The WSJ notes the coming tax cliff in 2013.

At RCM, John Berlau advocates repeal of Sarbanes-Oxley.

The WSJ notes the rise in poverty under President Obama:

The lesson we draw is that politicians who support policies that make economic growth their top priority raise everybody’s incomes even if some incomes rise more rapidly than others. Politicians who put income redistribution above overall economic growth do worse by everybody, especially the poor.

 On The Kudlow Report, World Bank President Robert Zoellick discusses the global economy:


In The WSJ, Peter Wallison cautions against a grand spending and tax hike bargain.

The [tax] confiscation idea raises in stark terms the trade-off between tax increases and economic growth. There are only two ways for the U.S. to address the debt and entitlement obligations it has already assumed—inflating the currency and increasing the rate of its economic growth.

RealDeal reports Robert Mundell suggesting Hungary join the EU earlier than planned.

On The Colbert Report, Paul Krugman discusses the economy.

The NY Sun suggests Ron Paul’s 9/11 views may marginalize him.

From the House Budget Committee, US Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) argues for corporate tax reform: 


On The Street, Alix Steel explains why smart people are taking gold seriously (h/t: TGSN).

At TGSN, Daniel M. Ryan continues his discussion of gold and trade.

On Fox Business News, Lew Lehrman makes the case for a return to the gold standard.

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